Three Baby Safety Tips for Parents

The safety of your baby is one of the most important jobs you will have as a parent. There is no way to prevent every scrape or bump or even bruise, but there are a lot of things you can do that will help. Here are three baby safety tips to help you along.

#1 Baby safety tip - Car Seat Straps

Many parents will do all kinds of things to make sure the car seat is installed correctly, but I have seen so many car seats where the straps are not placed over the baby correctly.

With 5-pt harnesses, the straps that click together in the middle are supposed to go across the baby’s chest, and you should only be able to fit one finger between the baby and the strap. This is simple to remember after you put the baby in the car seat just take a quick glance at where the straps are.

#2 Baby safety tip - Harnesses and straps on miscellaneous baby items

When the baby is just a newborn or a few weeks old, many parents will place the baby in the bouncer, swing, etc. without strapping them in. Most do this because in their minds they know the baby doesn’t move around yet, but what about others in the house.

I have been there, I put the baby in the bouncer didn’t click it, and my two-year-old ran right into it, almost bouncing the baby right out of the seat. After that, I have always made sure the swing or bouncer was clicked, and the baby was secure.

#3 Baby safety tip - Rules for other children

This safety tip is for the households with more than the baby. On of paper write out any rules that you can think of in regards to the baby, such as not to pick the baby up without permission.

Next get a piece of poster board and a marker and write out your rules and also make sure the children understand each law and what consequence they will have if the rules are not followed. This safety tip will help you not to worry while running to the bathroom or taking a quick shower.

These three baby safety tips will help you put your mind at ease while you are raising your beautiful little children.

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