This 1959 Mercedes-Benz Van Can Be Yours

Born in 1949, the famous Volkswagen Type 2 is undoubtedly the most famous ‘van’ of all time, but in the fifties, it left some lesser-known competitors, such as the impressive Mercedes-Benz O 319 launched in 1955.

At its next auction in Arizona, within a couple of weeks, the specialist RM Sotheby’s is selling a very particular copy, from 1959, completely restored by its owner - over 15 years - and also converted into a suitable camper for any adventure.

Its owner, a computer engineer, wanted to make this 0 319 front engine and unusual design a kind of housing on wheels, which will now go on auction for an estimated price of between 175,000 and 200,000 dollars (between 145,000 and 166,000 euros).

It should be noted that for that same money , or even something less, you could do in the same auction with an SLS AMG Roadster 2012 ($ 150,000 $ -180,000), with its spectacular 6.2-liter V8 atmospheric engine, or with a 190 SL of 1958 ($ 175,000 -200,000), among many other things.

Modern engine and many modifications

Outwardly this Mercedes-Benz van looks the same original body color and, under its skin, hides a modern pneumatic suspension adapted to the factory configuration of the model, double rear wheel. Inside it has leather seats and even a generously sized bed.

Special mention deserves the electrical work and the endless of accessories that it equips: from additional lighting in any corner to tanks of water and propane installed under the body, a tap, kitchen, water heater or a refrigerator, among other things. It also incorporates two sound equipment, front, and rear, as well as a solar panel to have some electrical autonomy.

According to the auction firm, it equips a modern Mercedes-Benz gasoline injection engine with an automatic transmission and improvements in the cooling system.