The Effects Of insufficient Sleep

Sleep the most important when it comes to human health and beauty. The effects of insufficient sleep are devastating to the body, and they include dizziness, loss of appetite, fatigue, loss of memory, the risk of car accidents impaired thinking.

Also sleep deprivation affects the beauty of a woman much because insomnia causes hair loss, dry skin, dark circles around the eyes and also leads to an increase in body weight.

According to latest studies, the ideal hours of sleep would be seven hours sleep, but it usually depends on the actual needs of a person; more important than hours of sleep is the quality of it.

However, doctors recommend at least six hours of sleep per night and up to nine, for an adolescent. Otherwise, too much sleep may indicate a possible condition, and too little sleep can make you sick.

A restful sleep promotes the health of our skin, it improves complexion, makes the skin glow and removes dark circles under the eyes. Rest provides your skin everything it needs.

It is more important than any cosmetic treatment and more necessary than any cream. Skin elasticity is the first beneficiary of sleep because during sleep collagen production is accelerated and that means tone, flexibility and good looks which makes the rest the best protection against wrinkles and other skin problem.

In addition to elasticity, the moisture level of skin recovers during sleep, and damaged skin can repair naturally. Also the absorption level of nutrients from creams increases during sleep. Also, sleep gives the body the chance to rejuvenate and heal itself.

To enjoy the benefits of sleep on your beauty, you need to quit smoking because of the cigarettes destroy the beneficial effects of sleep. In general, smokers fall asleep more difficult. Also, they often wake up during the night because they feel the urgent need to smoke.

The afternoon nap is an excellent resource for recharging our energy, but unfortunately, because of our busy program, we use it very rarely. The researchers concluded that sleeping in the afternoon is most refreshing when it happens about eight hours after awakening.

The effects of this mini-sleep can be incredible: reduces stress and fatigue, increase work performance in the evening, and also can improve learning abilities. However, afternoon nap should not exceed30 or 40 minutes; too much sleep in the afternoon can make us irritated and can cause trouble falling asleep at night.