Driving thru the Wildflower Fields of Texas

by Nancy Hardeman

There is very little that is more beautiful than Texas bluebonnets in the Spring, (except maybe babies in Texas bluebonnets). But one of my favorite things is a Model T among Texas bluebonnets. The Texas Touring Tís joined the Space City Tís from Houston for a weekend among the bluebonnets on April 10th and 11th. Ernie and Ginger Wentrcek, Michael McDonald and Rachel Wendt, and Ben and Nancy Hardeman all left Texas T Parts at 7:00am on Saturday. At Independence, they met up with Tommy and Patsy Supak who led the way to Jack and Jean Schweckeís ranch outside of Round Top, where they joined the Houston group.cows in bluebonnets

This Schwecke/Irvine Bluebonnet tour is a tradition of the Houston club and they had an especially good group this year Ė 15 cars between Saturday and Sunday. What was interesting was the number of the participants who were also members of the Texas Touring Tís. In addition to the four couples named above, we were also joined by Danny and Mandy McDonald (Michaelís parents), Paul Spitzenberger, Luke Cordes, Denny and Gwen Irvine, and Bill Sherrill. That meant that 9 of the 15 cars held members from our club!

We left the ranch in a parade and traveled through some beautiful back roads, traveling through Winchester to Buescher State Park. Connected to Bastrop State Park by a wooded hilly road, we drove on through both parks to The Roadhouse in Bastrop where we stopped for lunch. We were surprised at the hills in the State Parks and decided they would be worth a camping trip with the T to drive around some more. One or two of the drivers had some problems with the steep hills but most came through without trouble. After lunch and a little time to shop in Bastrop, we headed back through the parks on the way to LaGrange where we were to spend the night.

Ben and I were on the way back through the park when we suddenly heard the clanging of metal hitting the ground. We had broken a radius rod. Tommy Supak and Ernie Wentrcek helped remove it from the truck and we headed onhills full of flowers cautiously to LaGrange. It didnít take long after getting to the motel for other guests, mostly people who were working on the new power plant nearby, to identify a welder who could fix the radius rod. The rod was back on the car and we were ready to roll by 8:00pm. In the process, Tommy noticed another small problem Ė a broken torque tube Ė but we figured could get home with that.

At the same time we were working on our car, Michael helped Paul Spitzenberger with his bands and some of the others were fixing minor problems with their cars. By morning, everyone was ready to go. Jack Schwecke and Denny Irvine led us out on the road to a field of paintbrush they had discovered. After some negotiations with the owner, Denny got permission for us to line up in the driveway for a series of photos among the flowers. It was a spectacular spot and we were thrilled to get to pose there. (By the way, our own Ginger Wentrcek took most of the pictures which accompany this story.) After a few more miles of beautiful roadsides, we returned to the Schwecke Ranch where the group broke up and went home.

On our way home, one place we stopped was a glorious farm where Ginger directed us onto the roadside into a bluebonnet patch. The owner was weeding just down from us and Ginger asked her if we could come onto her land for pictures. She welcomed us onto the property and was glad to share this beautiful place with us. That is one of the most wonderful advantages of driving a Model T: everyone wants to be a part of your adventure. I hope that the rest of you will be able to take part in our next tour and have an adventure of your own.


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