Ben and Nancy Hardeman spent a week touring the Canyonlands of southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona. The national MTFCA tour offered "Five Canyons in Five Days" and took participants to the triangle formed by Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park in Utah and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Two smaller parks completed the tour of this high desert area and its spectacular rock formations. The tour featured nearly 200 Model T's, traveling each day out of Kanab, Utah.

Prior to the Utah tour, Ben had joined a small group of friends on a week-long tour of Colorado prior to a regional tour of Colorado and Wyoming organized by a club in Loveland, CO. Following Nancy's flight back to Texas, Ben and his group returned to Pueblo, CO, where they loaded on their trailers and headed for home. In their small group, there was a car from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Ben from Texas. All in all, Ben was on the road for 3-1/2 weeks.

Canyonlands tour Canyonlands tour Canyonlands tour
At Red Rock Park on the way to Bryce Canyon. The rusty red of the rocks was a hint of the brilliant colors and incredible rocky outcroppings to come at Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyon was filled with rock formations called "hoodoos" which stood up like soldiers throughout the canyon. The scheduled drive from Bryce Canyon took us back over the same way we came. So Ben and the people he had been traveling with decided to check out a dirt road they had seen on a map. We were told by the guy at the Visitor's Center that it was 32 miles of dirt road and then paved; it was 56 miles of soft dirt and bare rock. And then paved. There were moments of really amazing scenery and a lot of wishing we were somewhere else. When we finally got back to the room, we ordered pizza and went to bed.
Canyonlands tour Canyonlands tour Canyonlands tour
A breakdown on the road following our visit to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Not our car, of course, but we stopped to help. After 30 minutes of trying this and that, the men got it running again and they all drove off. We were the last ones to leave. We found out later that they wound up on the vulture wagon after all with some other type of problem.Shortly after the others had all disappeared from view, we started hearing a really loud rattle. The radius rod (part of the triangle that holds the rear wheels in position) was dragging on the ground. We had just moved from pavement onto a 4-mile stretch of dirt and gravel road. Ben was going to tie it up with bungee cords but another T owner arrived with duct tape and bailing wire! We drove on into Colorado City, Utah, (the Colorado City of polygamist fame) where we found Mr. Vernon Black who welded it back together for us.One of the viewing points at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It is hard to describe how beautiful it was here, how breathtaking and awe-inspiring. The road leading to the North Rim was filled with green trees covering the mountains and then, with little warning, you are at the edge and the earth drops away.
Canyonlands tour Canyonlands tour Canyonlands tour
The Grand Canyon from the North Rim. The lodge has "balconies" that extend out over the edge so you are looking back at the rim. Nancy and Marian Rose on the road leading into Zion National Park. Ben driving the main road through Zion National Park. There was a brief rain and we put the top up but we couldn't stand not being able to see all around us; we'd rather be wet.

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