At the recent Bomber's baseball game, where several members displayed their Ts for the fans, two gentlemen were overheard discussing the vehicles and the price they thought one member paid for his car. With authority in his voice, one gentleman told the other, "That car is worth more than one hundred thousand dollars."

With that in mind, it is always interesting to see what value other people place on items as they bid in hopes of securing an item on eBay. Ernie is going to start a new column and select a few items of interest, give you a short description of each and let you know what someone paid to take the item home.

Model T coupe This 1922 Model T Coupe from Kenyon, Minnesota, was offered after spending 8 years in storage. It had new paint, top and interior.

The seller even offered to help load it on the trailer.

The final hammer came down after 20 bids.
Model T license plate A Texas license plate for the years 1917 to 1922 was offered in its original, non-refurbished, condition, which was very nice for an item this old.

Three bids were made.
Model T clock This item was offered as a 1922 Westclox Model T car clock. It appeared to be a pocket watch that could be placed inside a rimmed case and attached to your dashboard.

From the description, I'm not sure if this was a new item or a vintage one, but it garnered 17 bids.
Model T toolbox A seller from St. Paul, MN, offered a nice mid-1920s metal tool box which measured 15" x 7.75" x 7" in size. The box had its original black paint; with only a few minor scratches. The box still had its Eagle lock, but there was no key included. There were 9 bids for this item. $142.50
Model T steering wheel A 17" Ford Model T wooden steering wheel, manufactured by W. P. Seng of Chicago, was offered in used condition. The wood had a nice patina, but the lock cylinder did not have a key. A total of 24 bids were made on this item. $156.05

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