My 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu: The Best Vehicle I've Ever Owned

I have owned a few vehicles in my day. However, none have compared to my very first car. It all started when as a teenager and arriving home after my babysitting job and finishing homework, I heard my dad mention that I get “a real job.”

My first thought was that I am already purchasing all of my necessities and I like what I do, simultaneously, I wanted to earn more so I could buy a car.

I was interviewed and hired by our local town movie theatre located 3 miles away. Great! The only slight barrier was no transportation. With my athletic prowess, I was confident that walking to and from part-time employment wouldn’t be a problem.

Starting in June, I trudged along to work in a required polyester uniform in the hot sun. I kept my “great” attitude for a good couple of months, and then every ounce of my energy went into focusing on purchasing a car. Any car at first, as long as it dependably ran.

I searched all of the classified ads and test drove a lot of cars, but unfortunately had no luck in finding a reliable vehicle at the right price. It was then my dad suggested that I call on an acquaintance of his, whose mother had recently passed on, leaving him her 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu.

She had only put 55,000 miles on the car and kept it in mint condition. I don’t know how I was able to talk this gentleman into selling this Malibu to me for only $750 when he was initially asking only $900 for it.

Within a few months, I had earned enough to get it painted a sleek midnight blue, add a complete stereo system, upholster it with plush velour seats, and add conservative mag wheel rims.

I remember not wanting it to resemble an actual muscle car, typical in the late 70s and early 80s mainly because it had a six-cylinder engine, and because mostly only the guys owned them with the eight-cylinder supersport style.

My first car eventually became a conversation piece because of its unique style and because during all of the six years that I had it, it only needed significant maintenance.

After six years, I wanted to transfer my junior college units over to a state college and since money was tight, I somewhat reluctantly sold my car to a friend; I have to say I was glad that she took excellent care of that gem.

After completing college and finding employment, I purchased a new economy car and moved on with life.