How to Replace Car Headlights

Jobs such as changing a front or backlight may sound daunting - but the situation is relatively merely as we explain here. Most drivers will not even realize they have a headlight or backlight out until a kind, fellow drivers tell them. Either that or when they are given a ticket by not so kind police officers!

Replacing a light on the front or back of your car is more comfortable than most people think, even though many motorists will prefer to visit a garage to have the job done.

As with most tasks involving your car, it is always best to consult the driver’s manual before you start anything as all makes and models differ. Most jobs requiring lights are easily enough done without the need to ask a mechanic.

It’s important to know there are two types of headlight housings - a sealed-beam in an older model of car and a composite in a newer car. A sealed beam is where the bulb and the house are contained in one sealed unit.

Composite lights have a removable halogen or xenon bulb. So when you take out the light, you will need to know what kind it is before going to the car shop for a replacement. So how do you get started replacing a head or backlight?

You have to start by opening the bonnet or rear boot. If you have a sealed-beam headlight, you will have to find the ring which holds it in place. Remove that, and the entire headlight will be able to be taken away. After that, just put the new one in its area, not forgetting to replace the ring which holds it in place.

Replacing a bulb in a more modern car is very similar as described above as. Firstly you need to, again, find the wiring harness attached to the rear of the headlamp assembly. Then unlock the bulbs retainer by turning it slightly and removing it. Take the bulb out, replace it with the new one, again setting it slightly until it fits into place.

You should ensure all the lights work correctly before you venture out into the darkness. If the lights still do not work after replacing the beam or the bulb, then you may have a problem with your fuse. If you have any doubts or concerns, it will be a good idea to consult a mechanic as your safety is of the utmost importance.