First Aid Guide in Case of Car Accidents

When an accident occurs, it is essential to secure the area of affection by placing warning signs, such as safety triangles, flashing lights, flashlights, etc. at a distance not less than one hundred meters in front and behind said accident.

Once the precautions above have been taken, the injured person will be attended to, considering, first of all, their severity and physical condition.

Thus, the control of the respiration, pulse, and reaction of the pupils can provide fundamental data to establish an approximate diagnosis. In case the individual has lost consciousness, he will be placed on his side, to avoid the danger of sucking his secretions.

While the first aid is applied, another person may be requested to notify the police, doctor, an ambulance.

Rules for providing first aid:

  • Act calmly, mastering the situation.
  • Check the vehicle if there is no gasoline can.
  • Carefully remove the injured person from the car.
  • If the affected person is unconscious, he will lie on his side and check whether the airways are permeable or not.
  • If the injured person has lost consciousness, the false teeth should be removed from his mouth, should he have one.
  • Avoid untimely mobilizations.
  • Remove the individual from the accident site, until he is transferred.
  • Do not forget that multiple injuries and the presence of shocks are frequent.
  • Apply artificial respiration and cardiac massage whenever necessary.
  • Pay particular attention to spinal and head injuries.
  • Immobilize the fractured limbs, using splints and bandages.
  • Transportation should not be done hastily. If possible, wait for the ambulance; if not, we will try to transport it.
  • Having the vehicle is essential. Small but complete emergency kit for cars, containing items such as scissors, tape, gauze, bandages, cotton, splints for upper and lower limbs (one of each type), mercurochrome, alcohol, tourniquet. And any other item that you consider prudent thinking that it can be handy at the time of a car accident.

Finally, these and any other measure that protects the injured in a vehicular accident will make it possible to keep it as stable as possible until the moment of transport to your home, or to the nearest hospital.